HMS 2225

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Mooring Information:

List Price:
For price, call Hamilton Marine at 1-800-639-2715
2,225 lbs.
Base Width 47" x 47"; Top Width 40" x 40"; Height 15"
Structural Fiber Reinforcement; 5,000 PSI Concrete
Steel Hitch Rod:
1.25" Diameter x 41" long. Steel plate welded one end, ½" hole in opposing end, with 2" x ½' galvanized bolt inserted through the hole. Bolt has pierced end so that stainless steel cotter pin can trap the ½" galvanized nut. Welded steel plate measures 3/8" thick x 2" wide x 3" long. Hitch rod, with plate and hardware, weighs 15 lbs.
Habitat Chambers:
4 Each 2" diameter tunnels, 4 each 3" diameter tunnels

Spec Sheet

Where to Buy

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Call 1-800-639-2715 to order or for more information.

Contact Habitat Mooring Systems Phone: 607-967-2751 Email: Address: 40 Town Farm Road, Hampden, Maine 04444

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